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With the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics less than 3 days away, Beijing is gearing up for an incredible couple of weeks of games, celebrations, and international goodwill. Here at WildChina, we’re incredibly excited about the Games, and the spotlight they’ll bring to the city we call home.

At the same time, the torch relay and athletic events occurring here in China’s capital add an extra dimension of planning for anyone touring Beijing in August. Here’s a quick overview of a few of the changes we’re aware of:

  • The torch relay from August 5th(today!) to 8th will involve the China Millennium Monument(中华世纪坛), Temple of Heaven, the Badaling Great Wall, and Jinshan Park. During this time, sites will be closed partially or entirely, and trips there may be difficult.
  • Because of the Olympics biking competition, the Great Wall at Juyongguan and Badaling will be closed on the following days:
    • Juyongguan Great Wall will be closed from August 7th to 15th
    • Badaling Great Wall will be closed on:
      • Aug 7th(11:00-16:00)
      • Aug 9-10th(entire day)
      • Aug 11th(10:00 -15:00)
      • Aug 13th(entire day)
Beijing Olympics Updates and Travel Tips
Beijing Olympics park – The Bird Nest

Be sure to check with popular tourist sites like the Temple of Heaven before planning your visit.

These changes may at times be inconvenient, but the closing of these sites is understandable considering all of the events occurring in the next few days.


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* This is not a complete list of closings, so please check with particular sites before planning your visit in order to avoid wasting your time.
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