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As someone who makes a few international flights a year, I’m often confronted by the frequent flier miles vs. cash dilemma when it comes time to pay. Thus, I really enjoyed this post from Fodor’s Doug Stallings on when to use miles and when to pay out of pocket.

Of course, this whole dilemma comes back to having miles in the first place, but with many credit cards offering matching miles for dollars spent, even infrequent fliers can rack up plenty of miles to use on travel.

The piece from Fodor’s outlines 5 times when you should uses miles, and 4 instances when you should pay out of pocket. Here’s a quick sample of their tips.

When to Use Miles:

  1. For Upgrades on Long Flights
  2. For Very Expensive Flights
  3. For Last-Minute Flights

When to Use Cash:

  1. When the Flight is Inexpensive
  2. When There’s a Sale
  3. When You Need to Buy Miles to Make the Purchase

For the full post with more tips and advice, visit their site.

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Happy travels!

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