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On a hiking trip through mountainous Guizhou province, WildChina’s local partner Shiau Xiao stopped at a remote village to shoot some hoops with the children of Leishan village. They laughed and played basketball, until suddenly, Xiao twisted his ankle and fell to the ground. With a 2-hour hike from Leishan to the nearest road, how was Xiao going to get home?

Knowing there was no way Xiao could hike out as he had planned, the villagers of Leishan opened their homes and hearts to Xiao. Even though his ankle was badly hurt, Xiao was able to hike out the next day due to the Miao people’s knowledge of local herbs and traditional remedies.

As Xiao returned to his hometown, he remembered the kindness of the Miao people of Leishan. Thinking back to the fun he had playing basketball with the village children, he decided to do something for them in return. At the school where he had played, the basketball court had only one hoop and was made of dirt. Xiao decided to help Leishan build a real basketball court, a place for all of the villagers to play.


A Place to Play for Leishan Village
Leshan's New Basketball Court

Xiao came to WildChina this summer to ask for help collecting donations. Many members of the staff were moved by Xiao’s story of Leishan village, and decided to help. Due to Xiao’s hard work and funding from WildChina, Leishan got their basketball court just in time for school to start.

In Guizhou, imposing mountains dot the horizon, creating a stunning landscape of breathtaking views. However, these mountains make transportation and building roads here difficult. Life in Guizhou, China’s poorest province, is not easy.
A Place to Play for Leishan Village
Miao Residents of Leshan Village
In Southeastern Guizhou, Leishan, is truly remote. With a 2-hour hike separating Leishan from the nearest road, this village of 130 residents carries all of the supplies they need in and out on foot. Home to a group of ethnic Miao people, Leishan is a place where Miao culture and traditions remain strongly embedded in everyday life.
A Place to Play for Leishan Village
Shiau Xiao and Leshan Village Children

The villagers celebrated the new basketball court with a huge banquet, Miao songs and traditional dances. Out of a sprained ankle and the kindness of a village, came a chance for children to play.

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  1. Linda Winn

    What a wonderful generous gesture to get a beautiful new basketball court built for this poor village so that the children can thrive. Xiao is a very special person and his love for the Miao people is great indeed. How happy he made these people!

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