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Shanghai World Expo

In light of the upcoming 2010 Shanghai World Expo, ABC News’ Travel section ran an article this past Monday about Shanghai‘s transformation before the grand event. The article highlights Shanghai’s modernity and opens with the line,

‘Looking for the China of pagodas, farmers in rice paddies and Mao-suited masses pedaling bicycles through grim city streets? You won’t find such scenes here when Shanghai’s World Expo opens on May 1.’

This might be true in Shanghai, with its magnificent international architecture, global business mentality, and comfortable expat lifestyle. However, this excitingly modern city, and cities like it, only encompasses one aspect of China. If you are visiting for the Expo, we encourage you to explore the Middle Kingdom beyond the Expo glitz and the throngs of international visitors who will come to experience it.

How can travelers go about seeing those pagodas, local farmers, and more after their Expo trip?

WildChina is offering a number of interesting day trips in and around Shanghai for those who want to see neighboring marvels. In addition, our exclusive private journeys take take all over rural, off-the-beaten-path China when travelers are ready to escape from Shanghai’s city life. Ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks, our trips can give travelers a truly unique glimpse at life all over China.


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