What We’re Reading: Peter Greenberg’s ways to assist in Haiti, Chile and China

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In our ongoing efforts to assist those in Qinghai who suffered greatly from the Yushu earthquake, WildChina follows our peers in the travel world and their suggestions for providing aid to the area, in addition to providing our own insights.

Peter Greenberg
Aftermath of the Earthquake in Chile

One news item that particularly caught our eye was travel guru Peter Greenberg‘s article, Volunteer Vacations: Disaster Assistance in Haiti, Chile & China, on how to get involved in aid efforts to these three disaster-stricken areas. Combining service and travel, Peter Greenberg’s article provides concrete ways to contribute to these regions’ health, community, and rebuilding efforts.

One of our highlights from the article is UNICEF’s efforts for women and children in Yushu. Greenberg writes,

‘The agency is […] joining hands with China’s National Working Committee on Children and Women to establish ‘child-friendly spaces’ where young survivors of the earthquake can receive psycho-social support in a protective environment.’

In addition to providing relief materials, UNICEF will be providing very important and valuable services to preserve the psyche of those surviving in Yushu. For more information, visit UNICEF’s homepage.

What We're Reading: Peter Greenberg's ways to assist in Haiti, Chile and China

A complete list of Greenberg’s ways to provide disaster assistance can be found on Peter Greenberg’s blog.


Photo credit: Alison Wright and Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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