WildChina > WildChina > WildChina Yushu Updates: April 23, 2010

Supplies for The Orphanage School/Rokpa arrives in Yushu
The supplies truck that Europe director Veronique d’Antras had help send out to Yushu has arrived yesterday and goods have been distributed to the Rokpa children. We were told that the excess goods will be distributed to folks in need in the countryside around Yushu. (Note that general Aid and support is yet to reach these areas outside of Yushu Town.)


Tashi returns to Yushu to provide on-the-ground support
Tashi, our former WildChina colleague and studying doctor, is on his way back to Yushu from Shanghai today. WildChina needs someone strong and knowledgeable on the ground to provide comfort, materials, and direct the distribution to our friends in Yushu. He is a true local who knows the place well he is well-placed to assist us in developing an aid process. He will bring whatever he can in terms of medicine and supplies.

Samdeg to speak with Lama
Samdeg, who lost his mother and sister in the earthquake, has been put in touch with a Lama who is a friend of Veronique’s. We hope that by introducing them, they can find ways to help each other through these tough times.

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