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Details make the difference – especially in the realm of sustainable, luxury off-the-beaten-path travel.

A client once commented, “We don’t mind roughing it during the day, but at night, please get me back to a nice lodge or hotel where I can take a warm shower, have a cup of hot tea, and catch up on some reading by the fire.”

WildChina heeds such requests and zeroes in on delivering the ultimate comfort. We know that travel in China can be demanding and unpredictable. From the big cities to the remotest of villages, WildChina ensures your journey in China is safe, reliable and comfortable.

Recently, on a private journey in Guilin, Guangxi province, our tour guides and service team proved once again that this commitment enables us to take potentially problematic situations and make them enjoyable and successful for all.

Recently, southern China has been hit by heavy rains, with Guangxi province being no exception. After arriving in Guilin with WildChina clients, the weather in the area took a considerable turn for the worse. As a result, the clients’ outdoor activities, such as going bamboo rafting and watching the Impression Liusanjie performance, would have to be canceled.

Thanks to extensive on- and off-site training, our guides are fully prepared to make alternate plans in the event of special circumstances, such as inclement weather. Wanting to give his clients a “WOW” moment, our guide Stewart thought quickly about unique indoor options. What better idea than to provide them with a tailored biking tour within the indoor grounds of Guilin’s Hotel of Modern Art (HOMA)?

tour guide
Guilin’s Hotel of Modern Art: the perfect place for indoor exploration during inclement weather

The group, especially the children, loved this tour. A perfect choice for families, the hotel is avant garde and peaceful, and provides guests with a new perspective on contemporary art and environment in China. The exquisitely-decorated hotel, with its cutting-edge architecture and interesting story, was a perfect place to explore and play despite the inclement weather.

Tour Guides: Adapting to circumstances
WildChina guide Stewart saved the day by thinking quickly and creatively about unique rainy day activities.

Of course, this was not the only option for rainy days: Stewart had prepared other options, such as a private landscape painting class and personalize Taichi lesson. Two to three options are always best when providing Plan B, so that clients don’t feel disappointed with an alternative that differs from the original plan.

Not only were the clients pleased with the change – they thought it made the trip perfect. Stewart’s on-the-spot assessment of the situation, flexibility, and logistical expertise made the unexpected itinerary switch smooth and exceptional for all involved. The clients loved their day in HOMA, and truly appreciated Stewart’s suggestion.

This is how we enable our clients to experience China differently. In the face of difficulty or hardship, our local staff and Beijing office adeptly react to changes, survey options, and quickly make decisions, all while making sure that clients are safe and satisfied.


Photo credit: Guilin HOMA

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