Travel Tip: Navigating China with a Group, Part 1: Leading a Group Trip

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Travel to China can sometimes be a stressful place to travel just by yourself or with a friend/spouse. So, what about with a group of, say, 10-15 people? After recently tour leading in Henan province, here are a few of my hints on how WildChina runs a successful group trip:

group trip
With a group journey to China, explore place’s like Guangxi’s Longsheng rice terraces for a unique and comfortable experience for all.

1) Keep the trip flexible: When you only have limited time to explore China, it is hard to predict how a large group will move, react to a certain activity, or feel after a long day of travel. Make a trip fulfilling, but not rigid. A group trip that evolves with its travelers’ needs is the most successful.

2) Take the trip outdoors: China boasts incredible architecture, scenery, hiking, and other attractions and activities outside. With a group of travelers, focus on areas where each person can have a unique – and comfortable – experience.

3) Give people free time: With a group of people traveling together, there will inevitably be differences of opinion when it comes to which places to see, how much time to spend at a given destination, et cetera. To make the most of a group excursion, give people enough time to explore what interests them at certain intervals of the trip. You’ll keep travelers happy and interested when later group activities occur.


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