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Choosing a hotel in China, whether you prefer adventurous excursions or luxury getaways, is an integral part of any trip to China. A hotel, guesthouse, or homestay experience can greatly affect your experience. Especially in recent years, so many new options across China have made it easier than ever to find your ideal lodging. So, how do you go about it?

choosing a hotel in china
choosing a hotel in china

Here is our checklist of questions to ask when choosing your ideal place to stay in China:

1) Lone traveler, or group member? Are you flying solo? With a partner or spouse? Bringing a family in tow? Your traveling companions (or lack thereof) will determine your desired comfort level, space, and amenities.

2) Luxurious, or rustic? Which sounds most appealing: a suite with top-of-the-line facilities, a cozy and charming guesthouse room, or a cot in a local villager’s home? Be honest with yourself about your comfort level, and choose accordingly.

3) Local flavor, or international standard? Maybe you’re looking for a lodge that oozes local flavor, to continue the cultural experience after a day out and about. Or, perhaps you just want to relax at an international hotel chain, whose name and reputation you trust, after a long day of exploration.

4) Anonymous guest, or greeted by name? Do you care about hotel staff knowing your name, eating preferences, and favorite newspaper, or would you prefer to be an anonymous guest? Depending on the star rating, size, and location, you can find a hotel with staff that can cater to your every whim or simply let you be.

5) City, or country? Whether you like being in the center of activity, or away from it all, there are hotels in most China destinations that can accommodate either preference.


Have more ideas for how to choose a hotel in China? Let us know.

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