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Every corner of China is home to amazing people, nature and geography, but it’s hard to match the diversity found in the country’s southwest. Destinations such as Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangxi are already known far beyond China’s borders for their stunning scenery and rich cultures.

Miao Minority Women

But not everyone knows about the breathtaking scenery and fascinating minorities found in Guizhou (GZ). At least, not yet.

From its dynamic capital of Guiyang to the colorful ethnic villages dotting the countryside around Kaili, Guizhou is one of China’s best-kept travel secrets. WildChina has been taking clients who want something different to GZ for the last decade, during which time we’ve become even more familiar with this area that is still relatively unknown, even for Chinese.

Karst hills, terraced mountains and scenic waterfalls are reason enough to make the trip in GZ, but it is Guizhou’s people that make the journey memorable. On our Hidden Minorities of GZ trip, you can take in Han opera in Guiyang before heading to the countryside, where you will learn traditional art forms and crafts of the colorful Miao and Gejia people. The highlight for most of our clients is the village homestay in Paika on the fourth night.

Guizhou has a generally mild climate, which at its most comfortable in the autumn.


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