China Drawing More ‘Golden Years’ Travelers

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Golden Year

China drawing more ‘golden years’ travelers.

One of the most exciting and positive travel trends over the past decade has been the rapid growth of youth-focused education travel programs coming to China  – but there’s also been plenty of action at the other end of the age spectrum.

A recent AFP article looks into a growing trend of older Western travelers deciding to travel to Asia, with China one of the top destinations.

There are several reasons for this. China was virtually impossible to get into until the 1980s and has only in recent years begun to offer the levels of service, amenities and hygiene that older travelers tend to prefer.

Another contributing factor is that more and more seniors are physically fit and adventurous. Combine this with flexible schedules and plenty of disposable income and you have a new breed of traveler, which one travel agent in the article refers to as SKIers, an acronym for “Spending the Kids’ Inheritance.”

In 2009 more than 50,000 seniors from the UK alone visited China. There isn’t much reliable data on other travelers from other Western countries, but we have noticed a steady increase in the number of older travelers – many of whom are retirees – coming to the Middle Kingdom, which had been off-limits for most of their lives.

Not only are older couples coming to China for a second honeymoon or to indulge in their lifelong desires to see the Great Wall or Tibet, they are also coming with their children and/or their grandkids. This kind of transgenerational travel is great for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This video snapshot of the Deemer family’s journey with WildChina to Tibet last year illustrates just how even simple moments in amazing places can bring a family together.

Many first-time visitors to China over the age of 60 prefer to hit the major sites, but a significant number are also looking to get off the beaten path… which happens to be our specialty. If you want to rekindle the wanderlust of your youth or have an experience that will bring your family together in a unique and inspiring way, contact us today.

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