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WildChina is pleased to announce the expansion of our Educational travel in Taiwan, bringing to the Ilha Formosa (“Beautiful Island”) the same spirit of innovation and uncompromising level of service that characterize WildChina travel on the mainland.

In addition to stunning, verdant landscapes and one of Asia’s most mouth-watering cuisines, Taiwan offers world-class sightseeing stops such as the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 (the second tallest building in the world) and hopping night markets.

Educational travel in Taiwan

Taiwan also boasts a jumbled and fascinating history, one of aboriginal societies, piracy, colonization by the Europeans and Japanese, and its explosion onto the world economic scene behind the power of local high-tech industries.

And of course there’s hardly a better way to “Experience China Differently” than visiting the de facto base of Chiang Kai-shek and the defeated Kuomintang army, who retreated from the mainland in 1949 and set Taiwan on an increasingly divergent course from its much larger neighbor.

Educational travel in Taiwan

Students on our Educational travel in Taiwan programs roll their sleeves up and learn about the local culture by experiencing it; we offer cooking instruction with a celebrated Taipei chef, ceramics classes in the historic town of Yingge, and Taichi lessons beneath the sapphire rooftops of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Taiwan saves some of its sweetest rewards for those who take to nature. Accordingly, we make time to hike alongside Taipei-ers on local trails and bike to the seaside along the peaceful Danshui River. The Maokong area to the south of Taipei is famous for its tea plantations and teahouses, where students can learn about and taste the various brews that make Taiwan a powerhouse when it comes to good tea.

Educational travel in Taiwan

With its unique culture and a diverse offering of activities and sites – not to mention a backdrop of jungle greens and clear-water blues – we think Taiwan is one of the next frontiers of China travel. We hope you’ll come experience it with us.

For more information about Educational travel in Taiwan, send a message to info@wildchina.com.

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