International Consulting Firm visits Beijing

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Last week the WildChina team played host to a group of about 150 from an international consulting firm at the China Club, an exclusive club located close to Tiananmen Square decorated in the traditional Chinese style. Setup took several dedicated staff most of the day, and a few hours prior they were also joined by the full group, who continued to reconfigure the space into a polished vision of oriental style.


International Consulting Firm visits Beijing
The entrance to the China Club


Guests from the firm began to arrive at 6:30pm for a cocktail reception in a courtyard beautifully lit by the falling sun. WildChina staff meanwhile made sure that the guest flow moved smoothly, directing guests to reception, coat-check, and the cocktail area. Guests were soon directed to the main dining area for dinner service, where China Club employees served a multi-course meal of high-scale Chinese offerings.

International Consulting Firm visits Beijing
Banquet seating awaited the guests after cocktails


Meanwhile, we reconfigured the two courtyard areas for post-dinner activities. Desert tables, seating areas, and tea-masters appeared. Guests also had the option to remain inside after dinner, moving to bar seating or receiving foot massages. At any moment, our staff were on hand to answer client questions or simply streamline the party process.

International Consulting Firm visits Beijing
Night falls in the Qin Courtyard


As the event wound to a close, guests were directed to their transport, and on the way they were gifted with special custom scrolls, painted by a calligrapher with the mission statement of the company. Concluding with a group cleanup, WildChina staffers returned home at around midnight, getting well-deserved rest until the next day at work. Business as usual.


Photos by Xiaoli

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