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We would like to announce that WildChina is realigning its leadership team to better serve guests. All will be effective July 15, 2011.

To begin, founder Zhang Mei will be “coming home”, making a permanent move to Beijing, China after four years in Washington D.C.  She returns to Beijing to focus on building an outbound business servicing Chinese travelers to explore the world.  She will continue her active role in leading WildChina strategies.

Mr. Albert Ng will be stepping down as CEO and making a permanent move to Hong Kong; he will remain connected to WildChina as a non-executive adviser and shareholder.  Mr. Zhao Bei, who joined WildChina in 2004 and who was designated as the General Manager last December, will take over the reigns and manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

Founding member of WildChina Mrs. Barbara Henderson will move Vancouver, Canada, and establish a WildChina Vancouver Office. Having seen WildChina for 11 years, she will bring her vast experience in travel planning to lead our North American offices in business development and customer service.

Our office in Bethesda, Maryland, will relocate to the center of Washington D.C.  This office will continue its primary function in sales and marketing, and servicing the travel agents in America. The new office address is: 1920 N. Street, N.W. Suite 200, Washington D.C. 20036.

Finally, WildChina has consolidated leisure journeys across all geographical regions into one team.  We believe that doing so will allow us to take premium leisure travel to the next level.  Mrs. Veronique d’Antras will take the lead on this initiative after her years of directing our Europe team.


WildChina realigns leadership team to better serve guests
From Left: Albert Ng, Zhang Mei, Sunshine Shang, Zhao Bei, Barbara Henderson, David Fundingsland, Veronique d'Antras, Bao Xun



For our old friends and clients, your existing contacts at WildChina will continue to serve you.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to submit client enquiries, please contact the respective members of the WildChina team:


In summary, we believe that realigning these roles allows us to streamline our operation, provide wider geographical coverage, and raise standards of excellence.  As always, we remain committed to crafting distinctive journeys that help travelers Experience China Differently.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us any time via info@wildchina.com.

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