Celebrating Mother’s Day in Beijing, China

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As Mother’s Day is here, we hope you have something wonderful lined up for your mother, wife, and/or grandmother.  Take a look below at a few of WildChina’s suggestions on how to spend a special Mother’s Day in China.  To get our insights, we sat down with Veronique d’Antras, Director of Leisure, and Barbara Henderson, Director of Business Development– both of whom are mothers– to pick their brains on what they think makes a perfect Mother’s Day in China.

For Veronique, her ideal day takes her out to a temple, such as  Dajuesi (Dajue Temple), Fahuasi, Jietaisi, or Silver Pagodas as they are located in nice spots with a good Feng Shui. Several weeks ago Veronique visited several weeks ago when blossoming trees were at their peak– it was absolutely stunning and very off the beaten path.

Celebrating Mother's Day in Beijing, China
Dajue Temple

If her children are really lucky, Veronique would like to treat them to tea at the Aman at the Summer Palace. Both of her sons are busy students and she wants to “show them something really beautiful and elegant.” One of Veronique’s favorite restaurants is  The Temple Beijing Restaurant, a restored temple that has been transformed into a very special venue and restaurant.

Celebrating Mother's Day in Beijing, ChinaDon’t miss the chocolate desserts.

For Barbara, a mother of four whose youngest daughter is 11, her ideal Mother Day is a bit different.  While her youngest daughter may appreciate refined elegance in a few years, right now it is all about fun playdates and sports to make her youngest happy. Now based in Vancouver heading WildChina’s Business Development, Barbara’s 15 years in Beijing gave her a real appreciation for relaxing out by the Great Wall. Barbara would like to head out with her family and have a  “yummy” picnic that includes her favorite foods.

Peonies in Jingshan Park

For Mother’s Day, both Barbara and Veronique feel that it is a day to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  Both agree that visiting the gorgeous peonies currently blossoming in Jingshan Park is a wonderful activity to do right now (April/May).  Spending time with family and relaxing together is a present enough!


Photos by: Temple Restaurant Beijing and WildChina

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