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Last week CNNGo featured WildChina in “New parts of Great Wall of China to open to tourists.” For anyone wishing to visit the Great Wall while traveling to Beijing, a day-trip adventure to Mutianyu or Sumatai are perfect–relatively close to the city, but still away from the crowds.

WildChina featured in CNNGo

However, there are real Great Wall aficionados for whom one day at the Great Wall is simply not enough. For these enthusiasts, CNNGo journalist Sean Silbert has put together a list of ways to have a more intimate Great Wall experience. In addition to helicopter rides and a stay at The Commune, Silbert also highlighted our 11-day tour “Astride the Dragon’s Back.” On this trip WildChina travelers will have the opportunity to travel to almost all of the China sections of the Great Wall in one journey.

WildChina featured in CNNGo

The adventure will take our guests along the Great Wall from Shanhaiguan (山海关) where the wall meets the sea, to Jiayuguan (嘉峪关) where the wall crosses the old Silk Road. On this trip we escape the crowds of more public wall portions and through our connections gain access to otherwise closed areas. In some of these sections of the wall, the only maintenance has been by local villagers many of whom are descendants of the Great Wall’s original builders. With tombs, towers, and mountains,  each section of the Great Wall has a different story. By the end of the trip, our clients will be privy to them all.


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Photos by WildChina Expert William Lindesay

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