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Imagine waking up inside a room overflowing with so much extravagance that even after getting out of bed, you still feel as though you are walking inside a dream. The blaring sounds of your alarm smoothly transition into the calming melodies of Mozart as you are taken by the lovely smells of lavender that permeate even the most hidden corners of your lavish quarter. Pull back the velvety curtains of the broad windows to unveil your spectacular front-seat panorama of Victoria’s Harbor as the sun gloriously rises. With a cup of some of the finest aromatic tea in one hand and a scrumptious blueberry scone in the other, jump back onto the plush sheets of your cloud-like bed and take a deep breath as you become mesmerized by the wondrous hues of cinnamon and golden yellow that form the ideal backdrop to the wondrous cityscape located in the best city in the world.

A Regal Stay at The Peninsula Hong Kong

At The Peninsula Hong Kong, each and every guest is treated like royalty. A night at this grand hotel is not one of simple relaxation, but rather, an unforgettable and magical experience. Although the name “Peninsula” is one synonymous with first-class luxury and elegant style, the branch in Hong Kong embodies not only these elements, but also, much more. Unparalleled in its grandeur and top-level service standards, The Peninsula Hong Kong has begun redefining what it means to be a five-star hotel. As a front-runner in the luxury travel industry, it is only fitting that we at WildChina recommend The Peninsula Hong Kong, along with its sister locations in Beijing and Shanghai, to our clients who desire a leisurely stay suitable for a superstar.

A Regal Stay at The Peninsula Hong Kong

This opulent hotel has recently embarked on a two-phase project focused on giving the interior designs of its 297 rooms a fresh new look, one composed of “classical modernity, chic simplicity, and timeless luxury.” The focal point of these renovations is not merely simple modifications in furnishing, but rather, further satisfying the needs of each and every one of its visitors by enhancing the overall convenience of each suite. Using only the finest materials and the best craftsmanship, this remodeling well meets the hotel’s lofty standards for quality, practicality, and functionality. The combination of modern décor and cutting-edge in-room technology will set these newly-revamped rooms as culminations of magnificence, cementing the hotel’s leadership in global luxury hospitality and its overall footing at the top of Hong Kong’s finest.

In a way, The Peninsula Hong Kong and WildChina are very similar. Both are front-runners in their individual fields, the former in the luxury hotel industry, and the latter, in the luxury travel industry. Although both are constantly evolving, whether it be staying on top of the most innovative in-room technology or maintaining the most eco-friendly travel standards, both The Peninsula Hong Kong and WildChina share the same ground when it comes to setting the personal needs of their clients as a top priority and preserving the individual foundations on which each was established. The five-star hotel’s fresh look composed of chic sophistication upholds its motto of “innovation as a part of tradition,” while WildChina’s upcoming “Gastronomic Tour of China with Fuchsia Dunlop” maintains the travel company’s motto of “Experience China Differently.” Whether one is exploring the Silk Road with WildChina or spending a night at the palatial Peninsula during a visit to Hong Kong, each and every client will feel like royalty, waking up each morning feeling refreshed and as though he or she is walking inside a dream.


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