Top Five Tips for Easy China Travel

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We’ve all been there. You have been working the whole year, and finally, you take a vacation. You arrive at your destination–usually somewhere well-removed from your office–only to discover your bags did not make the trip with you. This is but one of a number of things guaranteed to put a damper on your vacation. Limiting your exposure to these kinds of inconveniences will greatly increase the chances that your next vacation is actually a vacation. Here are WildChina’s top 5 travel tips to make getting to China a breeze:

1.) Whenever possible do not check a back: We realize sometimes that’s not feasible, but right now the only thing more egregious than the fees many airlines charge for checking bags is the rate at which they misplace, delay, or lose them. Avoid these problems and simply carry on. Eagle Creek has some great options.

Top Five Tips for Easy China Travel

2)Save space: When you are packing you can save a lot of space by keeping two great tips from the New York Times in mind. The first is that if you mix and match the items you are bringing, you can create more outfits. For example, two shirts and two pairs of pants will leave you with four different looks. The second is to limit the larger items. Thick sweaters and jackets can take up a lot of room, so limit the number you bring. If you have a spring itinerary that will bring you to the relatively chilly Beijing, and the relatively warm Guangxi, layering is the key. A windbreaker and a thin sweater together will keep you warm in Beijing, while each on its own will be comfortable in Guangxi.

Top Five Tips for Easy China Travel

3) Prepare for Security: If you empty your pockets in a rush, it is really easy to lose your most important valuables. To make sure this does not happen and get through the checkpoint as quickly as possible, have your belongings ready to place on the conveyor belt. Put all your metallic items in your carry-on and have your shoes loose and your computer out.

Top Five Tips for Easy China Travel

4) Book a car service to meet you when you come home: If you have been stuck waiting in the rain at the cab line, then you can appreciate how nice it is to have a car waiting for you when you land in your home country. If you are returning to the U.S., WildChina feels Uber is a great option. Simply send them a text once you are allowed to use your phone, and their car will be waiting for you when you walk out of baggage claim.

5) Keep track of the details: Sometimes you can rack your brain when you are going to the airport but you cannot remember your confirmation number. An easy way to keep all your departures and reservation numbers straight? Trip it. This website combines all your itineraries into one easy-to-view location for you and those who wish to follow your journey through the middle kingdom.


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