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An inside peek at Beijing’s East hotel

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WildChina was recently invited to survey Swire’s newest property, the East hotel in Beijing. After two meals and a peaceful sleep in their beautiful rooms, our only complaint was that we couldn’t stay longer:

Our stay began with drinks on the East’s outdoor patio. With low lighting, the outdoor space was a perfect place to unwind after a long day. The minty mojito and the cool iced daiquiri were happy acquaintances on a warm fall evening.

An inside peek at Beijing's East hotel

Just inside from this outdoor space, the East held enough entertainment options to last a whole evening. In addition to two full bars, two sitting rooms, and a stage for a live band, the hotel also boasted its own fully stocked whiskey bar. After enjoying the last sip of our drinks it was time to get a bite to eat.

An inside peek at Beijing's East hotel

Adjacent to the East’s bar scene, but far enough to avoid the intrusion of its noise, is the hotel’s Japanese restaurant Hagaki. Our Japanese food buffs returned with glowing reports. In addition to a sublime selection of delicious sushi, the crackly, crunchy tempura was held by one reviewer as “second to none.” For those in the mood for western food, the second floor of the hotel has Feast. With a succulent rib-eye, and mouthwatering risotto, the menu had something for everyone. And lest we forget the appetizers were divine. Escargot and foie gras anyone?

An inside peek at Beijing's East hotel

After stuffing ourselves on fine food and drink, it was time to retire. Inside the spotless rooms, elegant lines and stone bathrooms created a warm and luxurious feel. The shades descended from out of sight at the push of a button much like a screen in Goldfinger’s underground layer. As our heads hit the pillows, sleep found us quickly.

An inside peek at Beijing's East hotel

In the morning we returned to Feast where we were greeted by a full selection of Eastern and Western fare. Eggs cooked to order, crispy bacon, sausages that burst in your mouth, succulent fruit, baked tomatoes, and freshly squeezed raspberry and mango juice were but a few of the delightful choices. For those looking for lighter fare East’s cafe Domain also located on the second floor, provided quicker options. In addition to a more continental breakfast, Domain provided a range of seating options that would please both the lazy vacation reader and the executive looking to game plan for a big day of business meetings. Sadly our business in the East concluded shortly after breakfast, and though we left with heavy hearts, we also carried fond memories of an indulgent 14 hours in Swire’s newest hotel.

An inside peek at Beijing's East hotel


If you are interested in spending a night in Beijing’s East Hotel, send us an email at and we will be happy to include it in the itinerary of your next trip to China.

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