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Imagine starting off your day with the ultimate breakfast: a cup of freshly brewed coffee paired with a spoonful (or two) of some fragrant all-natural honey generously spread onto a few impeccably browned morning rolls. For the avid honey aficionado, WildChina’s founder Mei recommends one of her recent favorites – Lu Zhi’s Community Project, an eco-friendly honey farm started in 2009 by Sichuan locals. Dedicated to supplying its customers with the richest natural sweetener, this company travels to the great altitudes of the Minshan Mountains in search of the highest quality honey. Although the environmentally friendly and community-driven company might not be able to help you master the art of toasting bread, it can help you spice up your day-to-day breakfast with some of the world’s purest and delectable honey.

WildChina's Favorite Wild Honey
Minshan Mountain in Sichuan province

So what differentiates Lu Zhi’s Community Project’s honey from that jar already sitting on your kitchen counter? The Tumi Bee. Native to the region since the ancient dynasties ruled China, this endangered bee is unique in its extreme sensitivity to the surrounding environment, allowing for it to find the freshest flowers and therefore, make the finest honey.

WildChina's Favorite Wild Honey
Natural honey from the Tumi Bee

Both Lu Zhi’s Community Project and WildChina have a passion for preserving the environment, providing our customers and clients with a transformative experience, and the chance to understand the real China, whether it is through honey or travel. Now, please excuse us as we go and make ourselves a cup of some soothing honey lemon tea.

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