Top Hotels for Fitness Centers and Yoga in China

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As International Yoga Day (June 21st) fast approaches, it’s time to dust off our mats and practice our downward-facing dogs once more. With the benefits of yoga on our body and mind becoming ever more apparent, why should travel above all things prevent us from maintaining a healthy lifestyle?


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With yoga growing massively in popularity across China, there is no need to worry about when you can next fit in those asanas, or where for that matter. Whether you can’t get enough of this relaxing and healing sport, or you’re a curious novice, our preferred partners have got you covered. You can sit back, breathe deep, and make the most of what will be an exciting and beneficial journey through China.

Yoga in China – Amanyangyun, Shanghai


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Set just apart from the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, Amanyangyun is a calming retreat from the outside world- the hotel name directly translates to ‘nourishing cloud’. The resort is an excellent blend of antiquity and modern spaces, perfect to soothe the mind and forget the encroaching urban jungle.

As well as beautiful outdoor spaces featuring woods and lakes for your personal yoga séances, the Amanyangyun also features a Pilates and yoga studio, which you can follow up with a soak in one of the two private bathing suites (Russian Banya or Moroccan Hammam, the choice is yours). End this with a tea mixology service amongst friends. You’ll feel completely rejuvenated and ready to go out and explore Shanghai’s fascinating art scene and impressive architecture.

Yoga in China – The Opposite House, Beijing

Top Hotels for Fitness Centers and Yoga in China

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Arriving for the first time in dynamic Beijing, no-one would blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed at the plethora of sights, smells and sounds emitted from this capital city. A dramatic mixture of traditional Chinese architecture and sleek contemporary design, The Opposite House is located in the lively and modern shopping district of Sanlitun. This boutique hotel offers a tranquil space to relax, recharge and reflect on all of the experiences you have had or will have, in this grand city. The Opposite House offers free Saturday morning yoga for guests and can arrange private classes for other days of the week. After completing a repertoire of mountain poses and warrior II’s, let your mind drift in the 22-meter steel swimming pool, surrounded by clean metal lines and soft, reflected lighting.

Yoga in China – Bulgari, Beijing


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The newly opened Bulgari Beijing is another property in the capital that puts yoga and fitness at its core. Every room in Bulgari is equipped with a yoga mat for guests to use. You can then recline by the 25m emerald-green pool or treat yourself to a soothing spa day. The Bulgari Hotel has successfully created a haven, offering treatments blended with traditional Chinese techniques. You’ll have no problems switching off from the hubbub outside.

Yoga in China – The Songtsam Lodges, Shangri-La


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As you venture further off the beaten path, mark your adventure with a stay at one of the Songtsam Lodges dotted throughout the Shangri-La region. At these luxurious yet authentically Tibetan lodges, it is easy to leave behind the daily grind and focus clearly on mind, body and soul. Surrounded by quaint villages and stunning mountain backdrops, this is the perfect location to let Songtsam and OM Studio transport you to a land of yoga bliss, both in gorgeous hand-built stone structures, as well as in the crisp mountain air.

Yoga in China – Alila, Yangshuo


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Famous for its karst mountains and winding rivers, Yangshuo rightfully deserves its place on the 20 Yuan note! Cohesively blending into the surrounding natural beauty, the Alila resort, which was once a working sugar mill, offers world-class service and facilities, set amongst a dramatic backdrop of cliffs and waterfalls. If a place to unwind and admire mother nature at her very finest is at the top of your list, the Alila resort is the sure solution.

Try the cobra as the sun majestically rises from among emerald colored hills with the free yoga and tai chi classes offered every morning. You can also journey into the mountain with the underground Alila spa, accessed via an exquisite, stone-like spiral stairway. At the Alila spa, leave your troubles at the door as you enjoy authentic Balinese massages in one of just five VIP treatment rooms.

Whether you’re looking for an urban hideaway or a rural retreat, these hand-picked hotels and resorts are sure to make any travel experience through China blissfully relaxing. You’ll leave feeling fully recharged and ready to explore what these exciting destinations have on offer. Happy International Yoga Day everyone!

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