The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 

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With a productive 2023 behind us, we asked the team to reflect on their year and what the defining 2023 keywords were for each of them.  

Aki | WildChina Corporate Services 

#Aha moment 

Aki exploring uncharted territories | 2023 Keywords
Aki exploring uncharted territories

The biggest insight of 2023 is the Aha! moment brought by travel.  

Moving forward is a journey of discovery, a process of learning from both us and others, from what we know, what others know, and what remains unknown to both or either. Honest communication fosters this understanding. Only in the uncharted territories, where neither you nor others possess knowledge, our potential grows, stimulated by the change in the environment. This is the value of travel and our mission. May 2024 gallop into ever-expanding unexplored horizons.

Bilguun | WildChina English Marketing  


2023 was a year of changes, some fairly fundamental and challenging, but positive, nevertheless. In the end, it’s how you react and what you make of the changes that shape your life experiences and what you get out of them.

So, my mantra for 2023 and 2024 is “embrace the changes and learn from them, but remember to have fun along the way”.

A power-saluting equestrian statue | 2023 Keywords
Power-saluting equestrian statue

The photo that represents my above point is one of a power-saluting horse. It’s actually the statue of Genghis Khan on horseback. But we found this angle that made it look like it was the horse saluting. So my point is that life is all about perspective and finding angles that interest you. May the force be with you!

Chichi | WildChina Education 


The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Adventures in the wild

It’s been a WILD year since I joined WildChina Education, a year filled with WILD adventures in nature and WILD landscapes for my mind.

Christine | WildChina Corporate Services 


The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
The first post-pandemic performance after the opening of the red doors.

After over three years of pandemic lockdowns, China reopened its doors. During a courtyard dinner arranged for foreign business guests in Beijing, anticipation filled the air as the red door swung open. Stepping gracefully into the dining hall was Yang Guifei, portrayed by a talented Peking Opera actress. Her rendition of ‘Guifei Drunk’ captivated the audience, evoking applause and awe for the exquisite beauty of Chinese traditional art. Here’s to a brighter 2024! 

Daizy | WildChina Corporate Services 

#Undefined moments

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
WildChina team redefining MICE.

As we reconnected with the world in 2023, we eagerly attempted to redefine travel with experience and data. However, we were also reminded that the charm of this new world lies in perpetual surprises that defy definition. Thanks to the people in this photo, they are forever creating life-changing experiences for others, and expanding their own undefined paths. 

Elena | WildChina English Marketing 

#Challenge and growth

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Challenges and growth in the changing world by Elena

In 2023, there were plenty of thrilling and joyful moments. While not each one was a positive experience, all of it came together in the end. We face challenges that require action, effort, and maybe even failure before we can succeed. It’s interesting how the tougher something is, the sweeter it feels when we overcome it and grow. 

Emma | WildChina Corporate Services 


In 2023, whether for work or personal endeavors, I traveled through 15 cities across various countries, exploring deserts, beaches, rainforests and snowy landscapes.  

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
WildChina’s Emma in Nepal

I got to see diverse and rich scenery, and met many wonderful companions, which made this the most fulfilling year for me. I hope 2024 will be a continuation of this journey, engaging with even more interesting souls! The snapshot captured against the snow-capped mountains in Nepal marked my first trip abroad after three years of seclusion. Seeing the locals’ happiness here, I extend my wishes to you for the same joy! 

Haena | WildChina Education 


2024 is so important for us. 2024 is the year where I expect Chinese parents to prove to us that they care about holistic education. Academics are important, but I also feel that Chinese parents are going through a big era of enlightenment. We have gone through our fair share now of being indoors and using books and online resources to study – and we have come to the resounding conclusion that it is not enough for our students. 2024 is the year where I expect us, as parents, as stakeholders in this society to say, yes, learning outside of the four walls of a classroom, outside of the four edges of a screen matters. WildChina Education is ready. We have always believed in learning outside of the classroom… let us do what we do best, and let your students experience what we’ve been preparing for them all along.  

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Handing down the ancient funerary art

The photo above shows Southern Chinese funerary art. Back in the day for a funeral, we used bamboo and paper to make houses, cars, rickshaws, money, clothes and then burn them so that these items would actualize in the spirit realm. There were so many skilled craftspeople practicing this traditional ritual / art. Now, due to changing times, their livelihoods are becoming defunct. In this picture, we are teaching young people about this craft (that most of them did not even know existed!!!!) and how some jobs disappear over time.

Kendra | WildChina English Marketing 

#Local Knowledge

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

“In Mongolia, it’s taboo to waste milk products,” said Uyanga as she popped a milk candy into her mouth. “See that convenience shop, ‘CU’? It’s one of two major Korean chains in Mongolia. Most people have an opinion on which one is better than the other. I like CU best.”  

“This is the holiday residence of our ex-president,” said Bil gesturing at the pillared estate in front of us. “He used to be a famous Mongolian wrestler before he was president. He also has his own company, Genco, which is named from ‘The Godfather’.” 

It’s these small pieces of local knowledge, things that would otherwise go completely unnoticed or unknown, that truly bring a place to life. It’s what takes you from being a tourist on the outside, to understanding a place on a deeper level, on the inside.  

Lesley | WildChina Education 

#Digital nomad

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Lesley living the digital nomad life.

My 2023 was wonderful, with 6 months spent traveling to Yangshuo, Hainan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Chongqing, to see family and friends who have not been together for several years. In 2024, I aim to make further changes to my lifestyle, travel to more places, and learn about the cultures and customs around the globe. 

Lucy | WildChina Corporate Services 


The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Breaking new grounds with the team.

Hello World!I’m back! After a few years of silence, we finally started unlocking the map again last year! I hope we all continue to expand our horizons in the times ahead! 

Mimi | WildChina Education 

#Challenges and opportunities

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
The snow-capped mountains of Tibet

After three years of the pandemic, 2023 was a big challenge for me. This year marked many firsts for me: 

  • First time taking clients into Tibet 
  • First time taking clients on an outbound trip 
  • First time working on parent-child camps and independent camps 

Although the processes can be challenging with ups and downs, the end results are always memorable travel experiences for customers and children. I aspire to excel in providing the most fundamental and reliable travel services in the challenges of the journey ahead. 

Niki | GUDAO 


Thanks to GUDAO, I traveled on many ancient roads in 2023 that are famous, unknown, unconstrained, peaceful and wild, and connected with many locals and fellow travelers. They love the land under their feet without exception, and I am often moved by their sincerity and respect for their respective nationalities and local cultures. I hope to connect with more places and people through GUDAO in the future, see the ancient roads, and find our own way on the walk. 

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Sunset on the ancient tea trail

The photo was taken during GUDAO’s trip to Chaozhou at the end of the year, where our partners from various places walked through the ancient tea trail and waited for sunset on the mountaintop. 

Yanlan | WildChina Education 


The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Conquering trails in 2023

In 2023, the most fulfilling aspect for me was continually pushing my boundaries, whether it was conquering the trails of Qinghai or mastering new skills in the workplace. In 2024, I hope to unlock even more of my potential and break through any limitations. 

Yin Zhang | WildChina Studio Songyang 

#Breaking through barriers 

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 
Songyang expanding the world

I opened the door to a new world through coffee and met many interesting locals and travelers in the wonderful space of WildChina Studio Songyang. I met the unknown and reached for the vastness of the world. I created a moment to encounter multi-dimensional spaces and broke down the wall. I felt Songyang’s beauty, both remote and wild.