Farewell to The Opposite House, Beijing

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One of our beloved Beijing hotels and long-standing partners, the Opposite House, is closing its doors this summer. 

To honor this treasured partner our ours, we decided to take a trip down memory lane. 

Farewell to The Opposite House, Beijing
Farewell to The Opposite House, Beijing

Outside the Opposite House, an elderly man sang loudly amidst the crowd. With no music to accompany him, it was just his melodious voice resonating. Although most of the attendees did not understand the Yunnan dialect he sang in, it did not dampen their enthusiasm. This was in 2015, at the first “Beshan Gai” event, co-hosted by WildChina and the Opposite House in Beijing.

“Beshan” 碧山 is WildChina’s Chinese name. “Gāi” 街 is the word for “bazaar” in WildChina founder Zhang Mei’s native Yunnanese dialect. The phrase thus formed WildChina Bazaar, an event of WidChina-curated experiences from all around China brought together in the middle of metropolitan Beijing.

Throughout the years of exploration, WildChina has embarked on journeys with travelers through bustling cities and remote villages, brimming with small yet meaningful moments like burning incense and savoring tea amidst the winding streets and alleys. Our travelers cherish these profound yet subtle experiences, and the little moments that await them along the routes we lead them. 

We aimed to introduce these authentic local customs to the bustling streets of Beijing through artisans, enabling more people to easily encounter these individuals and events that are not commonly seen in the city center. Throughout, the Opposite House was a staunch supporter of our efforts. Together, we explored various ways to assist artisans who faced challenges in traveling to Beijing to participate in WildChina Bazaar, recognizing that not all crafts bring financial returns, but that should not diminish their value. 

So, in the bustling Sanlitun area, a favored hub of choice for trendsetters and creatives, a gathering of “Chinese old artisans” hailing from various corners of China convened. The summer sun cast its golden glow on the verdant checkered glass of the Opposite House, imbuing the surroundings with warmth. As one strolled along bathed in the sunlight, the vibrant “WildChina Bazaar” unfolded both inside and outside the Opposite House. For us, this lively scene of a rustic “urban market” became forever associated with the iconic modern green building of the Opposite House. 

Beyond boasting a high-quality customer base and service reputation, the Opposite House was aligned with WildChina in its commitment to sustainable tourism development, through preserving traditonal culture and heritage. Over the years, this contemporary urban hotel brimmed with artistic flair and played host to numerous WildChina guests and enthusiasts from around the globe.

With all the history we have with this beloved hotel, it is with heavy hearts and a deep sense of gratitude for the past decade, for every delightful experience that the Opposite House and its dedicated team have provided for WildChina guests, that we say farewell. Whatever comes in the future, we will always cherish the memories we made together. And so, our heartfelt thanks to the Opposite House for their years of service and partnership. We will be enjoying the last days of the Opposite House while it remains open and encourage you to do so as well!

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