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WildChina Academy Speakers

Every month, we host sharing sessions with experts in their field that are dedicated to helping you foster a different understanding of China.

 In 2020, we’ve discussed food, history, literature, and more with the award-winning speakers you’ll find below.
At the moment, most of these sessions are online and you can join us live via Zoom or watch them back on our YouTube channel. We hope you’ll join us next time

elizabeth haenle

Elizabeth Haenle

Co-founder and President of SAGE Worldwide
feng tang photo

Feng Tang (冯唐 )

Writer, Founder of Oneness Consulting Company, Director of So-Young International Inc.
郭建英 Guo Jianying

Guo Jianying (郭建英)

Classical Music Writer

Jonathan Lopez

Content Strategy Manager at Bytedance

Leo Zheyuan Li (李柘远)

Partner of Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. and Founder of XueZhang LEO (学长LEO)

Li Yinuo (李一诺)

Founder of ETU Education
li yongliang speaking

Li Yongliang (李永良)

Senior Exhibition Operator, Secretary General of the Rural Revival Forum
Matthew Upchurch Virtuoso

Matthew Upchurch

Virtuoso CEO & Founder
ye mei

Mei Ye(梅叶)

Board Director of Shenwan Hongyuan Group in China and Bekaert in Belgium, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company

Michelle Liang(梁钰鸣)

Chief Operating Officer of Wellington College China
michelle zhang photo

Michelle Zhang

Founder of The Society of Hearts Delight
Ninie Wang

Ninie Wang (王燕妮)

Founder and CEO of Pinetree Care Group

Sara Vaca

Sara Vaca – Strategy & Operations Lead at Didi
steven zhao

Steven Zhao

China Highlights CEO
Sue Feng photo

Sue Feng (冯澍)

Director of Marketing and Communications at ETU Education

Thomas Piachaud

Director of Consulting at Kantar, and Cambridge Doctorate in Optoelectronics

Explore the real China by the hand of an expert

On a WildChina Expert-Led Tour, you’ll join a small group of like-minded travelers and experience a side of China that few have the privilege to see.

2024 Dates Coming Soon

Gastronomic Yunnan with Fuchsia Dunlop

10 Days
Sept 11th - Sept 20th, 2023
Join food writer Fuchsia Dunlop on an epicurean odyssey through this far-flung region of idyllic villages and long-cultivated landscapes. This […]
Designed by WildChina founder
The Tea Horse Road as a Hiking Trail

Field Study Trip: The Tea Horse Road as a Hiking Trail 

7 Days
Spring 2024 (exact dates listed below)
Join Mei Zhang as she embarks on the field study portion of her PhD, pursuing turning the ancient Tea Horse […]
Spring Departure
The Missionary Trail

The Missionary Trail: Catholic Footprints in Northwestern Yunnan

8 Days
May 16th - 23rd, 2022
With Michelle Mope Andersson at the helm, embark on a journey of spiritual and historical discovery, following The Missionary Trail […]

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