Guizhou ethnic minorities

Chinese door in Hutong alley

Man Buns & Gunslingers: Stories from Humans of China, Guizhou

True travelers, those curious world wanderers, know that part of the joy in a journey – beyond the moments of wonder and the sensory overload caused by the swirl of new flavors, sights, and sounds...
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Imperial dragon patterns

Best Guizhou Festivals

Guizhou is home to one of China’s largest ethnic minority populations, and throughout the year these vibrant communities celebrate their traditions with vivid and inspiring festivals. We’ve brought together a calendar of Guizhou festivals so you...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

Top 5 China Experiences – For the Return Visitor

You’ve seen the Forbidden City, walked along Shanghai’s Bund at night, stared those famous Terracotta Warriors straight in the face – and now you’ve caught the China bug. So what’s next? Here are some ways...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Cross Border Journey: Trip Notes from Vietnam and China

Our first clients recently returned from WildChina’s inaugural cross-border journey to China and Vietnam. Here are some highlights from Max Stein, a Princeton in Asia fellow at WildChina, and his parents Richard Stein and Eva Zuckerkandel. In...
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Ethnic Minorities of China

Top Brazilian fashion designer travels to Guizhou for inspiration

Last month, WildChina received a request from one of Brazil’s top fashion designers whichdefinitely got a few ooohs and ahhs out of our office. Expecting the request to be filled with high-end dining experiences at ...
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Man enjoying his tea

WildChina & Journeys Within announce China-Vietnam cross-border adventure!

WildChina is excited to announce the product launch of Cityscapes & Countrysides: An Intimate Look at China and Vietnam. This pioneering cross-border journey will transport guests through two ancient capitals and into contact with rural...
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