tibetan yushu horse festival

Fisherman in YangShuo

More Earthquake Updates: Further news, and how you can help

Debris from Trangu Monastery In recent days, WildChina has been working with our local partners to get on-the-ground knowledge of the Yushu earthquake tragedy, and to provide needed supplies and aid. Since our last post...
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Man enjoying his tea

Earthquake Updates: Relief efforts and more news from Qinghai

In addition to our efforts to provide emergency housing for earthquake victims, WildChina’s Europe Director, Veronique d’Antras, is working with a relief group to provide warm clothing, food, money and medical supplies to the area....
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

WildChina Offers Tents to Qinghai Earthquake Victims

WildChina wishes to send our deepest condolences to the victims of Wednesday morning’s 7.1-magnitude Qinghai earthquake in Yushu (northwestern China, bordering Tibet). Our thoughts are with our local Qinghai partner and his staff as they...
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