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The New York Times has some really interesting pieces on travel in China right now, including:

I thought this piece was really interesting, and love the candor of the jade seller (Come on, this is a $2 cellphone charm, of course it’s not great jade!). There are great deals on all kinds of souvenirs in China, but with everything, caveat emptor.

This reminds me of a similar trend that’s happening with snowboarding and skiing developing in China. I haven’t personally been to Hainan, but would definitely be interested in some face time (and, no doubt, falling time!) with a beach and a surfboard. Anyone care to join?

The Opposite House is a really interesting boutique hotel that opened this fall. Located in the Sanlitun bar district, it’s perfect for people who want to do some exploring and shopping on their own (very foreigner friendly). The Opposite House also has two lounges (Mesh and PUNK) and 3 restaurants (Sureno, Bei, Village Cafe) that are stand-alone destinations. My vote for the place that has changed the Beijing dining/going out scene the most (in a good way!).

I haven’t been here, but I’m definitely keen to check it out. It’s interesting that this is located in Jianwai SOHO as opposed to the 798 art district, but I suppose that relates to the commercial/artistic combination they’re going for? Chinese contemporary art in general is heavily centered around consumerism and consumer ideals, so actually the CBD (Central Business District) location makes a lot of sense

Ah, Shanghai. I generally think this is a good quick itinerary for Shanghai, but I would have added a few things:

Lynn Modern Shanghai cuisine for brunch – located next to the Ritz Carlton Portman complex, a great weekend all-you-can-eat dim sum deal in an elegant setting

Din Tai Fung for amazing, mouth-watering Shanghai soup dumplings

50 Moganshan Road to see the contemporary art/factory/gallery scene

LoGo and C’s Bar for cheap drinks for a hipster set, Barbarossa for a place to relax with a drink in the middle of People’s Park – but feel like you’re in Casablanca!

That’s all for now!

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  1. Anonymous

    I will be going to Hainan for the first time this April. I plan to volunteer at the Ironman China and try to catch a few waves while I am there. I’ve only been surfing a few times in Hawaii, so I am sure a few face plants are in my future. I just hope it’s a sandy bottom when I do. The NYT article sounds interesting. I’m trying to find where the surf spots are, maybe that will lead me in the right direction.


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