What Should I Pack for My Trip to China?

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Your tickets are booked, your travel plans are confirmed, you’re ready to go! Except for the question: what should I pack for my trip to China?

Here’s a list of items you might want to consider bringing:

– Does your trip include a visit to a school or a local family? You might consider bringing simple school supplies or snacks from your hometown as a gesture of goodwill.

– A 110/220 voltage converter may be useful, as electric sockets in China are likely to be at 220v, whereas in the US they are at 110v. Check the plugs on your electronics before you purchase a costly converter, as many chargers can take voltage from 100-240v.

– If you’re traveling with a child still in diapers, you might want to bring a supply for the entire trip. Western-style diapers are difficult to find and quite expensive, although becoming more common in cities. FYI – the same is true for tampons.

– Extra batteries and memory cards for your camera will be quite useful. These are usually expensive and of variable quality when you buy them in China.

– Comfortable, broken-in walking shoes, and hiking boots if your trip requires them. Nothing will spoil your day more than a blister from a new pair of shoes.

– A copy of your passport and visa is essential should you misplace yours. Store these somewhere safe, in a different place from where you keep your passport.

– Bring plenty of reading material for planes and travel time. While some English-language books and magazines can be found, these are expensive and often not the most recent.

– For almost all situations, casual clothes will do the trick. You might want to bring one smart outfit for dining out, but jeans and a polo shirt are universally accepted.

– A day bag to hold your camera and passport is quite useful. Backpacks are not recommended in urban or touristy areas, as these can be easy targets for pickpockets.

Did I leave something off the packing list? Let me know in the comments below!

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