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Chinese New Year
Siberian Tiger in the snow (Panthera tigris)

The Year of the Tiger is less than a month away – it occurs on February 14th – and there will be numerous celebrations across China to ring in the new year.

At such a festive time for Chinese citizens, travel and safety naturally becomes a much greater concern. Large numbers of travelers, crowded attractions and fully booked modes of transportation can increase the risk of theft and physical harm.

Here are three ways to keep yourself happy and safe during Chinese New Year:

1) Be careful of fireworks. Fireworks are traditionally set off during the Chinese New Year. While fireworks are festive and fun to watch, be cautious, especially in large crowds. Opt to watch from afar rather than close up, and make sure you have some space around you to move away if these displays go awry.

2) Streamline and reduce travel. Travel will inevitably be more stressful during this time, so make sure that your plans don’t involve lots of short stopovers, inconvenient connections or tight turnaround. Try to streamline your trip so that you can enjoy a certain area for a longer amount of time.

3) Choose appropriate transportation options for you and your family. Are you claustrophobic? Do you have small children? Are you traveling with grandparents? If so, trains and busses are not appropriate modes of transportation for you during CNY. Planes and private cars are better suited to your needs. Those taking trains and busses should expect cramped conditions; on the upside, they are cheap and reliable.


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