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After a long day of battling sub-zero temperatures, icy cold winds and more snow, it is hard for China’s northern residents to imagine that spring is not too far away. However, now is the time to begin planning trips around China in March, April, and May. During these months, a gorgeous variety of flowers and plants spring up all over China.

flora in China
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WildChina has compiled our list of favorite destinations to see delightful arrays of flora this spring in the Middle Kingdom:

1) Yunnan: In Yunnan, visitors delight in the natural variety and diversity that the province has to offer. Beautiful rhododendrons, azaleas, and irises line the paths of the Mt. Kawagebo area national parks.

2) Guangxi/Guizhou: In the spring, Guizhou and Guangxi’s terraced rice fields are absolutely stunning. Sparkling in the morning sun and evening sunset, these terraced marvels are a must-see for those traveling to southern China.

3) Guizhou: Venture to Guizhou to see its incredible yellow rapeseed fields grow when the weather warms up. These natural marvels are wonderful to witness during some of the most pleasant months of the year.


Photo credit: What’s Up Al?

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