March 9, 2010
Chinese door in Hutong alley

The thrill of a Guangdong farmer’s market!

This is the first post by guest blogger Shanti Christensen. Fóshān (佛山), CHINA — Every great meal begins with the fun adventure of grocery shopping. This may be tedious for some, but for me it’s...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

Baoding: China’s Renewable “Power Valley”

This post is the fourth in a series by guest blogger Abby Poats. While a quick Google search reveals that Baoding—unlike Xi’an and nearby Beijing—does not make China’s top 10 must-see list, the city is...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

Interview with Shanti Christensen, of, on eating and cooking her way through China

Shanti Christensen, storyteller and food explorer, travels China meeting families who teach her their favorite home-style recipes. She writes and photographs for while collecting recipes for her future cookbook. Her Filipino mother and Danish-American...
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