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Hongqiao Airport

WildChina’s CEO, as well as resident airport expert, Albert Ng touched down this week in Shanghai’s newly-opened Hongqiao Airport during a recent trip. In light of the upcoming 2010 Shanghai Expo, he had a few comments on how the new port provides better service and convenience for international travelers coming to the Chinese hub.

For those travelers who will soon be using Hongqiao Airport, Albert had these observations:

1) Sophisticated aesthetic: unlike bland and white design of previously-constructed airports in China (and beyond), Hongqiao Airport boasts subtle lighting, gray tiling, and structural elegance that other transport hubs lack.

2) Improved functionality: floors are not only better looking but also slip-proof for inclement weather, and taxi lines are organized and fast-moving, similar to those in Singapore.

3) Consumer-centric design: Hongqiao was designed to minimize walking time and maximize convenience. Using U-shaped sections instead of long halls, Hongqiao enables travelers to get from security to their gate more efficiently.

4) Central transportation: much like the set-ups one might find in German airports, public transport coming into and leaving Hongqiao is extremely convenient. Travelers can easily find a number of transport areas, which reduces traffic and increases accessibility.

5) Clear and concise signage: Professional and user-friendly signage – complete with correct English – has been designed from a consumer perspective. Travelers will not find incoherent and/or misleading signs here.

Overall, Hongqiao will serve Expo travelers well with its high-quality functionality, design, and convenience.


Photo credit: 51766.com

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