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At WildChina’s Beijing office, we loved the playful and poetic piece by CNNGo‘s Dan Ouyang, “72 Hours in Yangshuo: Tourist town by trade, simple village at heart,” on one of Guangxi‘s most charming areas.

Our personal highlight from the article was Ouyang’s description of the bike ride to Fuli Town. She sums it up perfectly: “Bicycling on nearly deserted roads, we passed by solitary farmers in rice paddies, water buffalo lowing in ponds, sandal-clad provincial bee farmers and tourist couples on tandem bikes, all against a postcard-perfect backdrop.”

On bike, visitors to Guangxi can marvel and natural landscapes and local communities, like Langzi Village.

While the town is nothing special in comparison to Guangxi’s many delights (as she mentions), we agree that the trip through the province’s rustic landscapes she describes is simply fantastic.

Ouyang’s 72-hour trip around Yangshuo is perfect for the area, but if you’d like to venture out and see a bit more of the province, we recommend 5 days in total. Our Guilin itinerary, which includes Longsheng and the Li River as well as Yangshuo, gets to the heart of Guangxi’s rural charm.

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