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Girl praying at an ancient temple

Guizhou: An Unexpected Discovery

Last week, WildChina staff member, Annika traveled to Guizhou for the first time. She writes here about what she discovered there. The one overarching thought that remained with me throughout our Leisure team survey trip...
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Ethnic Minorities of China

Breaking the Winter Cycle: Lhasa, Tibet

  For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, this time of year is one of mixed feelings. On one hand, the changing of the seasons is a welcome period of transition, in which we...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Going off the beaten path, safely

Going off the beaten path, safely. This past week, China Daily reported that Beijing’s rescue team, “Luye,” responded to four emergency calls during the week-long October Holiday alone – all from travelers who needed assistance...
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

Travel Tips for Backpacking in China’s Wild West

I recently returned to WildChina’s Beijing office after spending 11 days in Gansu province, and a friend similarly returned via train to the capital city yesterday after a month in Xinjiang and we decided to...
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Fisherman in YangShuo

What We’re Reading: 72 Hours in Yangshuo

At WildChina’s Beijing office, we loved the playful and poetic piece by CNNGo‘s Dan Ouyang, “72 Hours in Yangshuo: Tourist town by trade, simple village at heart,” on one of Guangxi‘s most charming areas. Our...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

Are taiqi and fan-making lessons tourist traps?

I saw a client email to my staff another day, requesting a series of changes to the itineraries we proposed. The client’s email read: 1) There is a scheduled visit to the Temple of Heaven...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

Travel Tip: Planning Luxury Family Travel in China

As China’s best luxury tour operator with a focus on customized, off-the-beaten-path tours to China, WildChina specializes in making luxury family trips to China exciting, memorable, and hassle-free for both children and parents. This morning...
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On the Road in Inner Mongolia: Naadam Festival and Cooking Lesson on the Xilamuren Grasslands

After Wednesday night’s festivities on the grasslands, I wasn’t sure that anything could top our bonfire / singing / storytelling experience. However, Thursday proved to be equally eye-opening, with more hands-on activities and more unique...
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Man enjoying his tea

On the Road in Inner Mongolia: Day 3 (con’t)

As night fell on the grasslands after our afternoon of yurt building, Shirley, my fellow local guides, our guides and I left our nomadic accommodations for nighttime revelry, Inner Mongolia-style. The sun sets over the...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

Yunnan and beyond: My interview with Chris Horton of GoKunming

I just did an interview by email with Chris Horton, Founder / Editor of GoKunming. His questions brought back so many nice memories of Yunnan. Thought I’d share them here: Mei Zhang: Yunnan native, WildChina...
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