Genghis Khan

Fisherman in YangShuo

Inner Mongolia: On the Edge of History

On China’s northern edge there is a province that combines the wonder of the desert and the beauty of the grasslands for an experience that will take your breath away; this province is called Inner...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Where the Wild Things Are: An evening with William Lindesay is in Time Out Beijing!

All of us at WildChina are excited about our upcoming Where the Wild Things Are speaker: William Lindesay.  Lindesay is a WildChina Expert and Great Wall historian whose first trip to the Wall in 1987...
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Man enjoying his tea

On the Road in Inner Mongolia: Day 3 (con’t)

As night fell on the grasslands after our afternoon of yurt building, Shirley, my fellow local guides, our guides and I left our nomadic accommodations for nighttime revelry, Inner Mongolia-style. The sun sets over the...
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