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On China’s northern edge there is a province that combines the wonder of the desert and the beauty of the grasslands for an experience that will take your breath away; this province is called Inner Mongolia. Similar to the legendary landscape of neighboring Mongolia, Inner Mongolia’s open spaces maintain a feeling of timeless tranquility unlike anywhere in China.

Inner Mongolia: On the Edge of History

In the desert, atop a sleepy-eyed camel, cross the terrain at the lazy pace of traders who walked these lands hundreds, even thousands of years ago. As the sands whisper and swirl at your feet, imagine that the shapes you see in the distance are pack animals carrying the spices and silks of a foreign land. After disembarking from your camel, head to the grasslands where the surroundings turn from yellow to gentle green.

Inner Mongolia: On the Edge of History

The grasslands provide a similar feeling to the endless deserts of Inner Mongolia, however your view is unimpeded by undulating sand dunes. As your eyes sweep across the horizon, the only reason your field of vision ends is because of the curvature of the earth. Looking into the distance you can almost hear the faraway galloping of the armies of Genghis Khan. After exploring these beautiful surroundings and working up an appetite, turn to the specialty of Inner Mongolia–delightful selections of sizzling, juicy lamb. When the sun fades and the stars begin to shine, climb into the cozy bed of your own personal yurt. Set up amongst the grasses of the steppe, these charming felt tents are the perfect hideaway to retire to for the evening. Best of all is awakening to the sunrise across the endless horizon just on your doorstep.


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