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When the cold sets in, and you’re looking to head somewhere tropical, forgo the standard escape to the Caribbean and opt for a little more adventure: a trip to Taiwan.  Breathtaking turquoise water, lush vegetation, and of course the signature energy of southeast Asia combine to make your trip to “Ilha Formosa” or the “Beautiful Island” one you won’t soon forget.
Adventure in Tropical Taiwan
Any trip to Taiwan would be incomplete without a visit to the bustling streets of Taipei. In addition to the fascinating National Museum, Taiwan’s capital city boasts the impressive Longshan Temple, whose intricate roof top decorations and polished courtyards will leave you spell bound. Come evening, buckle up for a delicious night of gastronomic exploration among the stalls of the Shilin night market.
Adventure in Tropical Taiwan
After you’ve finished with Taipei, head down one of Taiwan’s lengthy coast lines. If you decide to explore Taiwan’s east coast you will have the opportunity to visit many of the country’s famous parks. Taroko and Yangmingshan both offer sensational day-long hikes; in Taroko you can visit a local Amis aboriginal village, while Yangmingshan offers up it’s legendary hot springs for you to relax in.
Adventure in Tropical Taiwan
On the flip side, Taiwan’s west coast is not without treasures of its own. If you are looking to get outside, Aili Mountain will provide the perfect vantage point from which to see the sun rise. From there, a trip to Sun Moon Lake is a must: misty mornings looking out over the water provide a peace all their own. If you visit the lake, we recommend the Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel–it’s wooden frame gives it the look of an ancient Chinese mansion. The hotel is filled with simple displays of orchids in sleek vases, while stretches of hardwood flooring give way to cool grey stone patios. All guestrooms are on the top floor and command a panoramic view of the lake itself. A recent traveler described it as “the stage for a perfect place to unwind.” A fitting statement, really, for all of Taiwan.
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