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Paris: Delicious food, incredible history, but Asian art? You bet. Thanks to the curatorial work of WildChina expert Tiffany Beres, the inaugural exhibition for the newly-renovated art gallery, Pagoda Paris, will be L’Asie en Vogue or “Asia in Style.” Drawing on pieces from eight different Asian artists, the show will seek to honor the original intention of the Pagoda and foster ties between east and west.

Chinese art at the Pagoda Paris

Situated in the famous 8th district of Paris, the Pagoda was originally purchased by Mr. Ching Tsai Loo, a connoisseur of Chinese and Far Eastern art and antiques. Tiffany’s show will feature works by Peng Wei, Man Fung Yi, Kimiko Yoshida, Ran Hwang, Jagannath Panda, Lavanya Mani, Chan Dany and Li Xiao Feng. With pieces that range from oil paintings, to pencil shaving tapestries, to multidimensional sculptures made of buttons, there is truly something for everyone. Those of you who have had a chance to visit Beijing’s Opposite House may have noticed the hotel’s attention to quality art–Li Xiao Feng’s ceramic haute couture exhibition was the belle of the ball here. If you are in Paris, you will have a chance to see it again along with the rest of a truly incredible collection that Tiffany has organized.

Chinese art at the Pagoda Paris

At present, Tiffany is in France supporting her exhibition, but when that wraps up in early November, she will be headed home to Beijing. In China’s capital Tiffany assists Chinese artists both in planning events and working with collectors to sell and purchase various works. Tiffany’s experience wheeling and dealing in the Chinese art scene makes her one of WildChina’s most coveted experts; in addition to leading fascinating tours for interested art students, she also offers up her expertise for the occasional art buff who wants an insider’s look at the Beijing art world. In a press release from the Pagoda Paris, Tiffany said, “it is an honor to organize such a groundbreaking exhibition.” It’s funny–we feel the same way about counting her as a member of the WildChina team.


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Bird Photo by Tiffany Beres; Opposite House Photo by Opposite House

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