China tourism

Traditional Chinese Architecture

Waterfalls & Fall Colors: It’s not all black and white at Changqing

Hi all! My name is Wayne, and I’m an Australian currently working for Shaanxi Changqing National Nature Reserve in Huayang Village, about 5 hours south-west of Xi’an.  My series of posts, as well as my...
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Man enjoying his tea

The Hypocrisy of Tourism?

Clean technology, sustainable tourism. They go hand-in-hand in China, right? Not so, says Hunan province’s Zhang Yue, or “Chairman Zhang” – the founder and chairman of innovative, clean-tech Broad Air Conditioning and accompanying utopian Broad...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

Are taiqi and fan-making lessons tourist traps?

I saw a client email to my staff another day, requesting a series of changes to the itineraries we proposed. The client’s email read: 1) There is a scheduled visit to the Temple of Heaven...
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