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Travel news

Shanghai seems to be the hub of travel news this week! Here’s what’s piqued our interest today:

1) High-speed Shanghai to Hong Kong train: In addition to the newly-unveiled Shanghai to Hangzhou bullet train (watch video footage from WSJ), the Fragrant Harbor will now have high-speed access to (arguably) China’s most glamorous city with the Shanghai to Hong Kong bullet train in development. We’re keeping our eye on how these lines will affect travel during peak holiday seasons and the popularity of lesser-known river towns and tea plantations outside of Hangzhou.

2) From volunteer to visitor: As the 2010 Shanghai Expo comes to a close this month, those who kept the months-long event running finally got their chance to experience it as guests. Watch the video footage of volunteers switching roles.

3) Expo breaks World Fair attendance record: In the last few days, the Expo broke the record for World Fair visitors. Congratulations, Shanghai!  (But given China’s population and the amount of marketing and advertising done for the event, we’re not too surprised.)


Photo credit: Michael Mudd

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