Caochangdi Photo Festival: The Poverty Line

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WildChina is excited to hear that The Poverty Line will be featured as one of the solo shows at the upcoming Caochangdi Photospring Festival 2012. The festival is jointly organized by Thinking Hands, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre  and Les Rencontres d’Arles.

Caochangdi Photo Festival: The Poverty Line

The Poverty Line sets out to explore a simple question. “What does it mean to be poor?”  The project “is an examination of the choices one would face living at the poverty line. This is an ongoing project, with the first series understanding China, Japan, Nepal and Thailand. We have since expanded this project and have gone to five continents. We are not trying to compare different countries’ poverty, but rather to have a starting point to understand poverty within a country’s context.”

Caochangdi Photo Festival: The Poverty Line

If you are in Beijing between 21st April to mid May 2012, please drop by their space which is right beside the Three Shadows Gallery. This will well be the biggest physical show The Poverty Line has had to date.


Stefen Chow is grateful to be a witness through his camera. Stefen has gotten various international awards while his works have been exhibited in cities including New York, Paris, Milan, Beijing and Singapore. Nikon named him a ‘Nikon Professional’.

Stefen currently lives in Beijing, China. His portfolio can be seen at

Lin Hui-Yi is an economist by training and is in the profession of market research. She has a background in economic policy and seeks solutions that make social, environmental and commercial sense.

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