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This past Saturday, the weather outside maybe have been frightful, but for those who braved the rain, TasteV‘s wine was delightful. While the worst storm to hit Beijing in the last 61 years buffeted the outside of Capital M, Steven Han managed to steal the thunder at WildChina’s Where the Wild Things Are: A WildChina Series. Whether it was the importance of having a clear mission statement, finding good products, or maneuvering through government bureaucracy, Steven’s words pulled back the cover on a whole range of China business issues for prospective entrepreneurs.

Wine and Entrepreneurship with Steven Han

During the discussion, guests were also treated to TasteV’s incredible wines. From the Chairman’s Reserve to the more modest Pinotage, TasteV’s selection across the different price points was top notch.

Wine and Entrepreneurship with Steven Han

As guests sipped their wine, Steven shared the reason he first joined Google – the food-, the biggest hurdle to starting a business in China – state paperwork – , as well as stories of the taste tests for his wine the world over. A particularly funny anecdote concerned a group of French sommeliers who chose a Chinese TasteV wine over a French one and then called the comparison unfair.

Wine and Entrepreneurship with Steven Han

After his talk, Steven opened the floor up to questions and everyone had a chance to chime in. As the event concluded and everyone headed out into the rain, attendee Jack Gomer stated  “Even with the weather I’m glad I came out tonight.”


We hope to see you at our next Where the Wild Things Are: WildChina Series in September with Laurence Brahm. We will keep you updated once the details are finalized. If you have any questions before then feel free to email us at info@wildchina.com

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