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Time after time, year after year Shanghai and Beijing are compared and contrasted; poked and inspected. Just like London and Paris, the question that people are endlessly scrambling to find an answer to is: which city is better? Both offer totally different experiences. Beijing is the center of China’s government, more traditionally Chinese, while Shanghai is the financial capital of the middle kingdom and exudes a more western influence.
Shanghai or Beijing?

Shanghai will whirl you into a world of sky-scraping, glass towers and then sharply switch tack and draw you into the 1930’s, with Art Deco and Art Nouveau edifices. Along Shanghai’s Bund, an international atmosphere is palpable. Visit Tianzifang and enter a maze of red brick, one story buildings nestling amidst a myriad of quaint coffee shops, and individual Shanghai boutiques that will have you wishing your time was unlimited.

Shanghai or Beijing?

Travel up north to Beijing and you will be transported back in time to a world of ancient alleyways and traditional courtyards. Plants sprout from walls, small groups of locals perch on stools inches above the ground slurping tea and passionately playing mahjong. If it’s a traditional China you’re after, Beijing is the place to be. With its meandering streets, historical monuments, the China’s capital city is one of kind.

If it’s food you’re after, Shanghai and Beijing are equally scrumptious. Last week we shared our top restaurants in both cities and we can safely say that among that list there are no wrong answers.

Architecture, food and culture; Shanghai and Beijing without a doubt have them all. But which city is best? Next time you are in China, visit them both, and let us know what you decide.


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