Birds and Biodiversity in Beijing

Episode 21: Birds and Biodiversity in Beijing

For this episode we explore the birds and biodiversity of the nation’s capital with Beijing-based conservationist, Terry Townshend. Mei and Terry talk about the remarkable Beijing swift, China’s birding boom and a rising awareness of...
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Education Systems

Episode 20: Joseph Esherick on Teaching and Learning

For our twentieth episode we explore the world of studying China and Chinese language with UCSD emeritus professor of modern Chinese history, Dr. Joseph Esherick.
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Catholic Missionaries in Yunnan

Episode 19: Catholic Missionaries in Yunnan

For our nineteenth episode we chat with existential wellness counselor, Michelle Mope Andersson. Michelle brings her expertise in ministry to the ground in Yunnan, studying the history of missionaries in China by tracing the routes...
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Episode 18: Dunhuang & the Mogao Grottoes

For our eighteenth episode we chat with Dunhuang Academy Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Neil Schmid. As one of the world’s leading authorities on medieval Buddhism’s visual culture, Neil covers the importance and implications of the grotto art...
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Climbers Beijing

Episode 17: Conservation and Rock Climbing In China

For our seventeenth episode, we cover the evolution of rock climbing in China and its crossover with growing conservation awareness in the country. Our guest for this episode is lifetime conservationist and Yunnan climbing pioneer...
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Cycling in China

Episode 16: Cycling in China

For our sixteenth episode, we talk cycling in China with Ken Goh, founder of Shanghai-based RideNow Cycle Club. Ken is a Singapore native who now lives and works, and of course, cycles, in Shanghai, as...
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Episode 15: Beijing Ghost Stories and Chinese Supernatural Beliefs

In this seasonal special we cover a range of afterlife and ghoulish topics, from joss paper burnings going virtual with the growing awareness of environmental impacts, to Chinese Ouija boards and supernatural beliefs, and of...
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Episode 14: Sanxingdui and Archaeology in Sichuan

For our fourteenth episode, we head to the Sanxingdui archaeological site in Sichuan province with Harvard’s anthropology department professor of archaeology, Rowan Flad.
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Episode 13: Jingdezhen Ceramics and Sponge Cities

For our thirteenth episode we head to Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province where ceramics artist and expert Caroline Cheng is joining us from her workshop.
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Episode 12: Inner Mongolia

For our twelfth episode, we head to Inner Mongolia with WildChina’s own, Susan Li. Inner Mongolia is a long province stretching along China’s northern border. It’s home to vast swathes of grasslands and deserts, and...
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