Episode 18: Dunhuang & the Mogao Grottoes

For our eighteenth episode we chat with Dunhuang Academy Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Neil Schmid. As one of the world’s leading authorities on medieval Buddhism’s visual culture, Neil covers the importance and implications of the grotto art...
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WildChina On-Air: In Conversation With Dr. Neil Schmid

Here at WildChina, we’re not just a travel company. We go beyond just showing people a destination by fostering a deeper understanding and perception of a place and the people we find there. In the...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Gansu’s Mogao Caves: A Desert Sanctuary a Millennium in the Making

Originally posted on Caixin Global Buddhism came to China in many waves and through many routes. It brought not just a philosophy, but a cultural milieu of art, sculpture, festivals, and literature. Nowhere is the influence...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

How to Beat the Crowds in Dunhuang, Home of China’s Most Spectacular Caves

Tourists line up on Aug. 20 to visit the Mogao grottoes, which have relatively complete wooden eaves from the Tang and Song dynasties. Photo: IC Dunhuang, in northwestern China’s Gansu province, can hardly be called...
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The Top Archaeological Sites in China to Visit

With more than 5,000 years of history, China is home to ancient archaeological sites preserved through the sands of time.
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

The Mogao Caves and More Top Dunhuang Attractions

Discover the best of Dunhuang with our guide to this ancient Silk Road trading city. Here are our picks for must-see attractions, best things to eat, as well as some WildChina flourishes to make your...
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