Episode 11: A Chengdu Way of Life

For our eleventh episode we chat with Michelle Zhang and Pat Tietgen, a couple who first met in Chengdu and now live and work together in California where they run The Society of Heart’s Delight,...
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Colorful lights in the Chongqing's skyline

Episode 10: Chongqing and Sichuan peppers

For our tenth episode, we head to Chongqing with native Yao Zhao. We talk about Yao’s Sichuan pepper oil company, 50Hertz, his favorite dishes and restaurants in Chongqing, and of course, local tips on unique...
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Episode 9: Beijing Architecture Past and Present

As the imperial and modern-day capital, Beijing architecture offers an eclectic array of old and new, visible in the lifestyles of its citizens but also in its buildings. Mei chats with Beijing-based architect, Diana Chan...
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Episode 8: Back to the Countryside

For our eighth episode, we collaborated with TONG to discuss China’s countryside and the blooming trend of reverse migration from city to countryside. Across the country disillusioned city-dwellers are seeking solace, relaxation, and adventure in...
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Praying Wheels in a Tibetan Temple

Episode 7: Tibet

For our seventh episode, we head to Tibet. A region on the Western reaches of China, commonly referred to as the last frontier, the roof of the world. 
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Episode 6: Tea in China

For our sixth episode, we talk with Jeff Fuchs, a long-time WildChina friend, and a globally-recognized expert on tea. Jeff is also a pioneering explorer being the first Westerner to walk the 6000 some miles...
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Shanghai Pudong view by Leslin_Liu

Episode 5: Shanghai

For our fifth episode, we travel to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shanghai to chat with WildChina guide, and Shanghai native, Florence Ma. From the ballroom dancing aunties of Fuxing park to the hottest Michelin-star restaurant...
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Episode 4 Planning a Trip to China

Episode 4: Planning a Trip to China

For our fourth episode, we zoom out to look at China as a whole. We address many of the questions we’ve been asked over the years on “How to plan a trip to China" and...
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Songzanlin Temple in Shangri-la

Episode 3: Shangri-La, Yunnan

For our third episode, we travel to Shangri-La and the surrounding regions, in Yunnan province. Home to Tibetan culture, lamaseries, national parks, Snub-Nosed Monkeys, and the great Salween, Yangtze, and Mekong rivers.
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Episode 2: Ningxia

For our second episode, we travel to Ningxia province, a lesser-visited region, home to prehistoric petroglyphs, the Tengger desert, the Hui ethnic minority group, and, China’s burgeoning wine industry.
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