Chinese tea

The 4 Tea Regions of China

An overview to the history, location and differentiation of the four tea regions of China.
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Episode 6: Tea in China

For our sixth episode, we talk with Jeff Fuchs, a long-time WildChina friend, and a globally-recognized expert on tea. Jeff is also a pioneering explorer being the first Westerner to walk the 6000 some miles...
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November 25, 2020

A Taste of China Ep. 3: Fujian’s Mountain Teas and Cuisine (Event #50)

Join us as we travel live to the coastal province of Fujian that serves as one of China's most important tea-producing hubs and is known for its seafood cuisine.
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

What does one do with a brick of tea?

You know what I am talking about – that brick of tea or disc of tea in the velvet box! What do you do with it? A few years ago, we were living in LA....
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

Lion’s Peak Village and the Wangs: Tea and the Environment in Rural Zhejiang

Walking through the mist-laden Longjing Mountains (龙井山-lóngjǐngshān), also known as the Dragon Well Mountains, I stumble upon the entrance to Lion’s Peak Village (狮峰-shīfēngcūn)—one of the five villages that comprise Longjing County. As I follow...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Tea: A Brief Introduction by Andrew Stein of Project Releaf

This is the second post by guest blogger Andrew Stein. “Not for all the tea in China,” once uttered an anonymous soul eons ago. What this person meant was, “I wouldn’t do that for all...
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