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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

The Liang Congjie I Know

I didn’t know what to expect at Mr. Liang Congjie’s memorial service, or specifically, how to dress for it. In any event, I put on a full black outfit, a bit on the formal side...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

What We’re Reading: “China’s Great Green Wall” on Ethical Traveler

Our friend and writer/photographer/tour leader Annika Hipple alerted us on Facebook yesterday to an interesting new China travel/environment article on Ethical Traveler, an e-news portal that “[promotes] travel as diplomacy that can make a difference...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

Lion’s Peak Village and the Wangs: Tea and the Environment in Rural Zhejiang

Walking through the mist-laden Longjing Mountains (龙井山-lóngjǐngshān), also known as the Dragon Well Mountains, I stumble upon the entrance to Lion’s Peak Village (狮峰-shīfēngcūn)—one of the five villages that comprise Longjing County. As I follow...
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