Pu’er tea

Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

It’s Pu-erhfectly healthy and delicious

A disk of compressed Pu-erh tea for sale at a tea market in Yunnan It’s not often that one encounters a tourist souvenir that lowers cholesterol, promotes weight loss and protects against cancer, vascular disease,...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

The Ancient Tea Trees of Southern Yunnan

Deep in the heart of Southern Yunnan there exist tea trees unlike any other on Earth. The jungles of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and the districts of Simao and Lincang are home to the oldest...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Tea: A Brief Introduction by Andrew Stein of Project Releaf

This is the second post by guest blogger Andrew Stein. “Not for all the tea in China,” once uttered an anonymous soul eons ago. What this person meant was, “I wouldn’t do that for all...
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