Candles in a Buddhist temple

Snapshot from the road: Time travel in the Nu Valley

Sometimes when on the road, the past and present can collide in the most unexpected of places. We were reminded of this recently when on the road in the lush upper reaches of the Salween...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

China’s World Heritage

China has 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a designation that can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse to these cultural and natural areas due to the influx of tourists. So how can we ensure responsible travel in...
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Catholic Church of Dali Landscape by Frank Shan

Yunnan: Observing Life in Dali

I made my way up to the northwest part of Yunnan province, to Dali, hometown of WildChina's founder, Mei. Dali is well-known for its distinctive Three Pagodas and the Old Town, characterized by cobblestone streets,...
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